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REVIEW: Daredevil Episodes 10, 11, 12

REVIEW: Daredevil Episodes 10, 11, 12Episode 10: Nelson v. Murdock opens with Foggy confronting Matt about his nocturnal activities. The flashback to them meeting in college is good. Foggy listening to God damn Drops Of Jupiter is perfect. Foggy’s above average acting maintains through this episode. The second flashback of them is particularly endearing. I’ve gotta say though, I feel... Read More »

REVIEW: Daredevil Episodes 5, 6, 7

REVIEW: Daredevil Episodes 5, 6, 7Again, these will be general episode reviews and therefore not so spoileriffic. Episode 5:World On Fire begins with a battered Claire waking up at Matt’s apartment. They have a very candid scene where Matt reveals how his powers work. The acting and writing are great but I’m not sure how I feel about the way... Read More »

REVIEW: Daredevil Episode 2, 3, 4

REVIEW: Daredevil Episode 2, 3, 4In the interest of getting some sleep before work and also not wanting to spoil everything, I’ll be doing a much more succinct review of these episodes. Episode 2:Cut Man starts out engagingly enough with a man finding Daredevil’s near unconscious body in a dumpster and running away. He goes and brings Claire Temple (Played... Read More »

REVIEW: Daredevil Episode One

REVIEW: Daredevil Episode OneNetflix is still making dreams come true. Following on the success of shows like House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black, they’ve finally teamed up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (And yes, it references the films). I’ve always thought Daredevil was an underrated hero. He mostly works in the Hell’s Kitchen section of... Read More »

Flash Chat Episode 1 : S1E11 The Sound And The Fury

Check out the very first episode of our Flash Chat!
The newest edition to The Weird Robot is a podcast all about CW’s The Flash.
Join our host Whitney, Lee, And Logan as they discuss all The Newest episode: The Sound And The Fury

IHP Episode 59: 2014 in review!

Join the crew as we talk about everything 2014; from tv, to movies, to videogames, we’re going to cover it all!

Review: The Walking Dead S5 Episode 3:

The walking dead season 5 epsiode 3

Hey Robots, Whit here! It’s time to take a look at Episode 3 of our favorite post apocalyptic soap opera! This week brought another great episode of The Walking Dead and handled the source material with such finesse, I was literally “squeeing” with delight before we even got to the first commercial break. Let’s dive in, shall we?

We pick up almost exactly where we left off, the Bob-B-Que still going strong (Aint no party like a Bob-B-Que party, cuz a Bob-B-Que party don


Review: The Walking Dead S5 E2 (The Dissenting Opinion)


Hello Internet, Todd here, and this is your “Walking Dead” dissenting opinion.  It seems like the boys at AMC are making this easier and easier on me as we get deeper into this season.  This weeks episode of The Walking Dead was chalked full of cliches, cheesy one liners, and more plot holes than Shia Labeouf found in the desert.

Even he looks confused


The Walking Dead in Review: Episode 2

Hello fellow robots, Whit here! I am back for another week to review The Walking Dead episode 2! They may have dialed back the action a bit for Episode 2, but this week is still keeping me engaged and really excited to see where the story will lead this season. It also left me asking a few questions, and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, I will have to reserve judgment until we get the answers/payoff later in the season. But let’s not dawdle, it’s time to dive in to the episode.We start out with our group still trekking through the woods after the big showdown at Terminus. It’s unclear how much time has passed, but it seems like fences are being mended between Rick and Tara. After helping to dissuade any uneasy feelings she may still have about being an outsider and assimilate into their group, Rick gets one of those awkward Tara fist bumps (Am I the only one that cringes with embarrassment for her every time she subjects a member of the group to this?!). Meanwhile, Carol still seems a bit distant after her conversation with Tyrese, though he tries to reassure her that he will make the group understand/accept the situation with Karen at the prison. Is she still not able to forgive herself, or is something else hindering her from feeling comfortable with the others?They continue on and come across and walker and we have this great moment where Michone reaches back to grab her katana, but gives a smirk in realization that she no longer has her go-to zombie slaying weapon so she has to resort to bashing in its head with the butt of a rifle. I really loved her reaction in that scene because while a lot of the audience is going to miss her katana (until she inevitably gets it back of course), it shows that she is still more than capable of protecting herself and the group against walkers or any other foe they may encounter. This brings me to my first question, however… After killing the walker, Abraham has an exchange with Rosita saying “That right there is why we’re waiting for our moment”, which obviously indicates that they have something they are hiding from the group. And why would Michone’s ability to kill a single walker with relative ease be what’s holding them back from confiding in the group??? Then, after they have set up camp, Carol’s hesitance to fully immerse herself back into the group is further shown both in her conversation with Rick and later with Daryl, with the latter getting cut short by the presence of sounds in the woods. We end the cold open with the lingering question of whether or not our group is alone, or if there may be an unknown threat present.We return to a new day and a fresh hike where Sasha and Bob are playing a game; Sasha giving an example of a bad situation and Bob has to try to find the good in it. The charming little exchange is broken up by the sounds of someone in distress and the group, urged by Carl, hurries to help thus coming across Gabriel, a priest, surrounded by walkers and clearly unable to defend himself. They fend off the walkers, and Rick begins the typical interrogation he has invented when bringing new members into the group. Gabriel complies with the interrogation and leads them to his church where he has been holed up since the start of the apocalypse. It seems as though he has fared magnificently well (and has idled away the time by transcribing the entire bible, apparently) despite his inability to fight walkers which seems a little fishy. Further questioning reveals that the start of the apocalypse coincided with the annual food drive, which is why he was so well stocked, and he explains that he has garnered supplies from all surrounding shops with one exception (the local food bank) due to it being overrun. Rick decides to form small groups to scout the surrounding area and gather supplies while he leads and a few others head to the food bank so they can stock up before heading to their next destination. Before leaving, Rick gives Carl some sage advice for survival in their new walker-infested world, stating that he is never safe, and to always be on guard otherwise you are leaving yourself unprotected against the many unforseen foes that are now so commonplace. I am really enjoying this return to level-headed Rick that we are getting in Season 5. He is decisive, he’s not having pretend conversations with ghost Lori, or aspiring to be a farmer! It’s awesome!

Rick, Michone, Sasha, Bob, and Gabriel arrive at the food bank and despite ol’ Gabe’s assertion that it is overrun, it seems pretty desolate at first glance. I was seriously wary of an ambush at this point because it seemed a little too safe. Come to find out, it’s just host to a group of water-logged walkers (makeup effects were pretty amazing on them btw) that are trapped in a caved-in basement area of sorts. The group goes down into the absolutely horrendous looking water


IHP Episode 55: Nerdsplosion!

In this episode we get into all of the Marvel and DC movie news of the week, discuss more new Fall TV (Including Walking Dead, Arrow, and the Flash), and chat about what games we have been playing; Borderlands: The Presequel, and Shadows of Mordor! What do you guys thing of the Civil War and DC movie lineup news? Did you guys enjoy the premiers of The Walking Dead, Arrow, and The Flash? Have you picked up The Presequel or Shadows of Mordor yet? What are your thoughts on dokimakuras and yaoi?


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