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REVIEW: Daredevil Season Finale (Ep13)

REVIEW: Daredevil Season Finale (Ep13)Unlike my spoiler free mini-episode reviews I’ve been doing, this will be a full review of everything that does down in this episode. SPOILER ALERT- DO NOT EVEN READ THE FIRST SENTENCE OF THIS UNLESS YOU WANT SOMETHING RUINED. Baby’s black balloon makes her fly… The season finale opens up on a poignant shot of... Read More »

REVIEW: Daredevil Episodes 10, 11, 12

REVIEW: Daredevil Episodes 10, 11, 12Episode 10: Nelson v. Murdock opens with Foggy confronting Matt about his nocturnal activities. The flashback to them meeting in college is good. Foggy listening to God damn Drops Of Jupiter is perfect. Foggy’s above average acting maintains through this episode. The second flashback of them is particularly endearing. I’ve gotta say though, I feel... Read More »

REVIEW: Daredevil Episodes 8 & 9

REVIEW: Daredevil Episodes 8 & 9Episode 8: Shadows In The Glass starts out with the Wilson Fisk cooking hour. A scene of him meticulously making his own breakfast and getting dressed shows not only a willingness to get his hands dirty but also how much of a Type A bastard the man is. It ends in haunting fashion, with Fisk... Read More »

REVIEW: Daredevil Episodes 5, 6, 7

REVIEW: Daredevil Episodes 5, 6, 7Again, these will be general episode reviews and therefore not so spoileriffic. Episode 5:World On Fire begins with a battered Claire waking up at Matt’s apartment. They have a very candid scene where Matt reveals how his powers work. The acting and writing are great but I’m not sure how I feel about the way... Read More »

REVIEW: Daredevil Episode 2, 3, 4

REVIEW: Daredevil Episode 2, 3, 4In the interest of getting some sleep before work and also not wanting to spoil everything, I’ll be doing a much more succinct review of these episodes. Episode 2:Cut Man starts out engagingly enough with a man finding Daredevil’s near unconscious body in a dumpster and running away. He goes and brings Claire Temple (Played... Read More »

REVIEW: Daredevil Episode One

REVIEW: Daredevil Episode OneNetflix is still making dreams come true. Following on the success of shows like House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black, they’ve finally teamed up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (And yes, it references the films). I’ve always thought Daredevil was an underrated hero. He mostly works in the Hell’s Kitchen section of... Read More »

Attention Whores Episode 21

In this, special edition, of Attention Whores the gang discusses how to one up your friends on facebook, If Captain America is worth the price of admission, and how to tell if your friends are idiots based on things they think are “News”. We also talk about classy shit like Wicked, Hockey, and the Symphony. All while Tyler is drunk…

AW Episode 13: Marvel Madness

The Unholy Trinity join forces with Lee and Whitney to take on Thor: The Dark <div style="position:absolute; left


IHP Episode 35:Video Game News-plosion and the Battle of the Final Seasons!

In this epsiode we give a run-down of all the recent news in video games, including; Ninendo WindWaker WiiU Bundle, Diablo 3 explansion, and TMNT: Out Of The Sewers! The second half of the cast is devoted to TV news where we have a Netflix series recommendation (Orange is the New Black), and a battle of the final seasons between Dexter and Breaking Bad. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!