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REVIEW: Terminator Genisys

REVIEW: Terminator GenisysTerminator is arguably one of the best known and highest grossing franchises ever. It spans thirty years and over a billion dollars. Half of that has been in a tail spin though. Since James Cameron stopped being involved (T3), the last two films have made less money and been much more poorly received critically. And... Read More »


REVIEW: Ted 2In the sequel to 2012’s smash hit Ted, can Seth MacFarlane make up for the lackluster success of A Million Ways To Die In The West (Although I thought it was OK and it did make a little money)? Originally, Ted 2 was going to be a Smokey And The Bandit homage about John and... Read More »

REVIEW: Jurassic World

REVIEW: Jurassic WorldAt the earliest drawings of the fractal curve, few clues to the underlying mathematical structure will be seen. This movie has been in development for over a decade. Steven Spielberg got the ball rolling with a new idea. At one point Sam Neil, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, and Richard Attenborough all said they were attached... Read More »

REVIEW: Entourage

REVIEW: EntourageEntourage ran for eight seasons on HBO. It was well received critically and was well liked by the majority of people that watched it. Popular consensus on the series finale was that it was disappointing though. But to be able to go back and have a second chance… isn’t that what most of us wish... Read More »

REVIEW: Tomorrowland

REVIEW: TomorrowlandThis is one of the most confusing reviews I will probably ever have to write. I’ve kind of been experimenting with my movie going experiences this year. I went and saw Ex Machina despite the fact that I hadn’t seen a trailer for it and didn’t know what it was about. I went and saw... Read More »

Attention Whores: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Attention Whores: Avengers: Age of UltronIn this very special episode of The Attention Whore podcast The gang (Tyler, Logan, Will, Todd and specials guests Emily and Clint) got together and recorded immediately after watching Avengers: Age of Ultron.  We talk about it’s highs and lows.  Best fight scenes and weak moments.  And naturally Spoiler alert guys, there are a lot of spoilers in this podcast.... Read More »

REVIEW: The Gunman

REVIEW: The GunmanAs previously discussed in my TAK3N review, Luc Besson and company have been on my shit list lately. Maybe all of France has. I don’t know. So this director (Pierre Morel) was the cinematographer on The Transporter (Written by Besson), then he directed District B-13 (Written by Besson), then he did camera work on Transporter... Read More »

REVIEW: Kingsman:The Secret Service

REVIEW: Kingsman:The Secret ServiceWhen I saw the first trailer for Kingsman, it very slightly piqued my curiosity. At first I thought it was a sequel to The King’s Speech. But over time, bit by bit, little by little, I wanted to see it more and more. I was hooked when I finally saw the scene where Colin Firth... Read More »

REVIEW: Seventh Son

REVIEW: Seventh SonMuch like Jupiter Ascending, Seventh Son has suffered from multiple tragedies. Originally supposed to come out in 2013, the movie was pushed back several times due to things like Legendary Pictures ending their partnership with Warner Bros, their new distributor pulling it, and not finishing post production. The studio doing the visual effects also went... Read More »

REVIEW: Blackhat

REVIEW: BlackhatLet me start off by saying that I used a free ticket to see this film and regretted it. This is one of the few films where I’ve seen someone actually get up and leave (He made it about thirty minutes). I really only went because Will wanted to see it and Will only wanted... Read More »

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