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IHP Episode 59: 2014 in review!

Join the crew as we talk about everything 2014; from tv, to movies, to videogames, we’re going to cover it all!

REVIEW: Gotham

REVIEW: GothamThe show opens with Selina Kyle. Those of you new to Batman will find out very quickly that she is Catwoman, the on again/off again love interest of the dark knight. She happens to be sitting up in Park Row and witnesses Dr. Thomas Wayne, his wife Martha, and son Bruce, coming out of the... Read More »

IHP Episode 51: Comic-Con catch up, Guardians & TMNT!

In this epsiode we catch up with Matt and talk about our SDCC trip, what video games we've played, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the new Ninja Turtles movie. Strap in guys, it's a wild ride!

REVIEW- 24: Live Another Day

REVIEW- 24: Live Another DayWith the revived 24: Live Another Day reaching the halfway mark of its 12 episode run, I figured it was time to chime in with a review of the series. I’ll accompany this with another review after the finale toward Summer’s end. First off, I’d like to address the bullshit ratings articles that keep popping... Read More »