It’s a thing… Google it. Join Lee and Whitney on and adventure through space and time. Or maybe just Video Games, Movies, TV, and butt play. Maybe not that last one… Butt maybe ;) The show is a loose discussion format so it is easy to follow and now you have no excuses. Give it a listen. You might even win something. Click Here To Listen


Attention Whores

Everyone falls… it takes courage to lay there and bitch about it. Attention Whores is a discussion based forum on the The Weird Robot network where Tyler and Todd (and some guests) come together in the spirit of interrupting each other, shouting, insulting, punching below below the belt, biting, and sharing their options on a range of topics as they desperately seek the validation they never received from unloving parents. We will be showcasing VERY strong opinions on a broad array of topics such as film, television, books, comics, music, politics, unrequited love, food, your mom, and philosophy. Click Here To Listen