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A Kiss Halloween

A Kiss HalloweenWhat’s up Internet, In this very special episode of AW Tyler, Todd, and Emily talk with Kisstorian Jinks about the band Kiss and specifically the movie Kiss Meets the Phantom of The Park.  Trust us, it’s one of the worst movies ever made.  So we naturally point out it’s short comings and hilarious moments.  But don’t worry... Read More »

Attention Whores Episode 27

In this A.W. podcast Tyler, Will, and Todd talk funny stories and serious issues. We talk 24 hours of Destiny, movie franchises, corporal punishment, and Kanye West. We also sidetrack (As we are known to do) into 9/11, bullies, and a crazy woman’s journal. Believe me… it’s worth a listen.

Attention Whores Episode 26

Chris and Jinx join us for another music heavy episode where we discuss the World Cup, summer concert tours, Juggalo gang members,
Ten Nashville Stereotypes That Are Actually Accurate (Which are mostly not), bathroom attendants at nightclubs, reality television being good for artists, and the effect of internet radio on the industry.

REVIEW: Emerson Hart-Beauty In Disrepair

REVIEW: Emerson Hart-Beauty In DisrepairI must admit, I was not a huge Tonic fan. Sure, I knew If You Could Only See (Who doesn’t?) but my friend Randy is OBSESSED with them. There’s Tonic songs I liked but I never realized was them until years later. My first real exposure to Emerson Hart was his 2007 solo CD Cigarettes... Read More »

REVIEW: Better Than Ezra-All Together Now

REVIEW: Better Than Ezra-All Together NowThat’s right. Better Than Ezra is still kicking ass. For those of you that don’t know, BTE is a band that rose to prominence in the early 90′s Anything-With-Substance-Is-Better-Than-Hair-Metal phase. If grunge was too sad for you and Ace of Base was too happy, bands like Blues Traveler, Tonic, Cowboy Mouth, The Wallflowers, Gin Blossoms,... Read More »

V: A Maroon 5 review

V: A Maroon 5 reviewHello Internets, Awesome here, So, I got a text from my sister Samantha yesterday that said “Have you heard Maroon 5′s new album?” I honestly hadn’t, which is strange for me because I really enjoy their music.  So I responded- “No. Is it any good?” She, of course, hadn’t heard it either.  She made me... Read More »

New Amplitude title kickstarter in it’s last hours

With 48 hours to go Amplitude a rhythm-action music game based in the series of games on Ps2 (Frequency and Amplitude)is cutting it close. Even though this popular series and a strong following it has somewhat surprisingly not had a strong start. To drum up some excitement for the game Harmonix are currently livestreaming themselves playing the old PS2 game and playing live music over at Twitch. As of this article they are at $649,182 of the $775,000 goal.

Attention Whores Episode 19

The gang takes on Disney, The Book of Mormon (the Musical), House of Cards, Stand your ground, Anti-gay legislation, and Motley Crue in this irreverent take on current pop culture news.

Attention Whores Episode 12: Country First!

The boys get together to preview Captain America, Bad Grandpa, and discuss country music (And music in general) from the perspective of touring musicians and songwriters.

Through The Never Review


There’s a disturbing trend going on with Hollywood right now. Endings that are open to interpretation. After seeing another one at the end of Prisoners I decided enough was enough. I needed to watch a movie where there was no chance of a non-definitive ending. And then, my roommate asked if I wanted to see the Metallica movie. The Metallica movie? That weird one where I can’t figure out what it’s about? Sure.

Let me start off by saying that I am not a die hard Metallica fan