San Deigo Comic-Con

IHP Episode 56: Call Of Doodie?

In this episode we give you our thoughts on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Did they redeem themselves from Ghosts? We also rundown what’s Coming Soon in video games for through the end of November, and let you know what our most anticipated titles are. We end the episode with a short movies segment to review Big Hero 6. As always, keep us up to date on what you’ve been playing and watching in the Comments!

IHP Episode 51: Comic-Con catch up, Guardians & TMNT!

In this epsiode we catch up with Matt and talk about our SDCC trip, what video games we've played, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the new Ninja Turtles movie. Strap in guys, it's a wild ride!

IHP Episode 50: Turtle Power!

In this episode we sit down with Isaac Elliot-Fisher, Producer and Cinematographer of the Turtle Power documentary! The documentary comes out August 12th!

Attention Whores Episode 25

this week the whore gang is back. Tyler, Todd, Clint, and special guest Jinks talk about all things comic con. Every thing in the Marvel world, DC universe, and even throw in some mad max to even things out

Virgins Assemble Episode 1

Check out the first episode of our new web series Vigins Assemble.
Warning Nsfw

Holy Photo Shoot Batman!

Holy Photo Shoot  Batman!click below for full... Read More »