Attention Whores

Everyone falls… It takes courage to lay there and bitch about it. Attention Whores is a discussion based forum on the The Weird Robot network. Tyler and Todd (and some guests) in the spirit of interrupting each other, shouting, insulting, punching below below the belt, biting, and sharing their options on a rage of topics as they desperately seek the validation they didn’t receive from unloving parents. We will be showcasing VERY strong opinions on a broad array of topics such as film, television, books, comics, music, politics, unrequited love, food, your mom, and philosophy.

Holy Photo Shoot Batman!

Holy Photo Shoot  Batman!click below for full... Read More »

Attention Whores Episode 23 : Days Of Future Past

Check Out trailer for this episode Here
This very special episode sees the return of Clint fletcher to the Attention Whores, who are also joined by the iheartpodcast. All coming together to talk about X-Men Days Of Future Past.

X-Men Days Of Future Past trailer parody

Check out our new parody trailer for X-Men Days Of Future Past. And check out the new episode of Attention Whores with the return of Clint Fletcher!

Attention Whores Episode 22

Attention Whores are joined by the iheartpodcast to discuss their thoughts on The Amazing Spider-man 2.

Attention Whores Episode 21

In this, special edition, of Attention Whores the gang discusses how to one up your friends on facebook, If Captain America is worth the price of admission, and how to tell if your friends are idiots based on things they think are “News”. We also talk about classy shit like Wicked, Hockey, and the Symphony. All while Tyler is drunk…

Attention Whores Episode 19

The gang takes on Disney, The Book of Mormon (the Musical), House of Cards, Stand your ground, Anti-gay legislation, and Motley Crue in this irreverent take on current pop culture news.

Attention Whores Episode 18

Tyler Todd and the gang talk about the oscars, stripers, and Fassbender gift to the world. Clint even chimes in all the way from the west coast on his oscar picks.

AW #16: Nerds of the Round Table!

For Clint’s last show as host, the nerds assemble to chat about their favorite movie scenes of the year.


AW Episode 15: “Winter Movie Catch-Up”

Join the Unholy Trinity as they play catch-up on all the movies of the holiday season. In the spotlight this week is The Hobbit, Oldboy, Man of Tai Chi, Homefront, Inside Llewyn Davis, Catching Fire and 12 Years A Slave.

AW Episode 14: Christmas Rush

The boys announce some big changes coming up with the show, then bring their favorite holiday B movie “Christmas Rush” starring Dean Cain into the spotlight. 


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