Attention Whores

Everyone falls… It takes courage to lay there and bitch about it. Attention Whores is a discussion based forum on the The Weird Robot network. Tyler and Todd (and some guests) in the spirit of interrupting each other, shouting, insulting, punching below below the belt, biting, and sharing their options on a rage of topics as they desperately seek the validation they didn’t receive from unloving parents. We will be showcasing VERY strong opinions on a broad array of topics such as film, television, books, comics, music, politics, unrequited love, food, your mom, and philosophy.

Attention Whores Episode 39

Attention Whores Episode 39    In this episode we discuss what we would do if we confiscated Alyssa Milano’s breast milk, a man who died while having sex with a scarecrow, why you shouldn’t emulate porn, It Follows, and... Read More »

Attention Whores: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Attention Whores: Avengers: Age of UltronIn this very special episode of The Attention Whore podcast The gang (Tyler, Logan, Will, Todd and specials guests Emily and Clint) got together and recorded immediately after watching Avengers: Age of Ultron.  We talk about it’s highs and lows.  Best fight scenes and weak moments.  And naturally Spoiler alert guys, there are a lot of spoilers in this podcast.... Read More »

Attention Whores 38: Facebook Is A Smelly, Fat, Hairy, Vagina

Attention Whores 38: Facebook Is A Smelly, Fat, Hairy, VaginaThis week we discuss the French teacher suing facebook over not being able to distinguish between art and pornography and the petition to get facebook to remove the “Feeling fat” option. Todd also discusses his gay date and then Dave comes home and completely derails... Read More »

Attention Whores 37: Oscars, Razzies, Dressgate



In this episode of Attention Whores The guys (Tyler, Jinx, and Todd) discuss the Razzies, Oscars, Dressgate, and the ultra violent Power Rangers short.  We also share some funny personal stories that have happened to us recently.  We also talk about a challenge T.G.I. Fridays never intended, but Tyler accepted.

Attention Whores: Valentine’s Day

Attention Whores: Valentine’s DayWhats up Internet, In this Episode of Attention Whores the guys discuss some of the worst dates they have been on. We slowly start to realize, while telling our stories, that we are the reason purchase viagra in mexico<a href=" Read... Read More »

Attention Whores: Thanksgiving Edition

Attention Whores: Thanksgiving EditionWell guys, we’ve done it again.  We’ve recorded another Attention Whores Podcast for your enjoyment.  In this, possibly even more offensive, podcast we discuss subjects like the Bill Cosby rape scandal,  GMO foods vs. Organic foods, and the new app lulu (for ladies only).  We also get off on our usual side tracks where we discuss... Read More »

Attention Whores Episode 27

In this A.W. podcast Tyler, Will, and Todd talk funny stories and serious issues. We talk 24 hours of Destiny, movie franchises, corporal punishment, and Kanye West. We also sidetrack (As we are known to do) into 9/11, bullies, and a crazy woman’s journal. Believe me… it’s worth a listen.

Attention Whores Episode 26

Chris and Jinx join us for another music heavy episode where we discuss the World Cup, summer concert tours, Juggalo gang members,
Ten Nashville Stereotypes That Are Actually Accurate (Which are mostly not), bathroom attendants at nightclubs, reality television being good for artists, and the effect of internet radio on the industry.

Attention Whores Episode 25

this week the whore gang is back. Tyler, Todd, Clint, and special guest Jinks talk about all things comic con. Every thing in the Marvel world, DC universe, and even throw in some mad max to even things out

Virgins Assemble Episode 1

Check out the first episode of our new web series Vigins Assemble.
Warning Nsfw

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