About us

The Weird Robot:

We are a podcast network and general nerdy entertainment site. Are you looking for hilarious videos? Check. Fun, witty, and informational podcasts about all things nerdy? Yup. Blogs that make you laugh and weep? You know it. Hard hitting reviews that have more credibility than Fox News? Heck yeah. Up to date sports coverage and detailed analysis… no. We are nerds. Join us.

Lee: I am the resident videogame nerd of this podcast, I love games from all genres and styles! I’m kind of a man-child I still collect toys and memorabilia and have been known to dress up as video game characters in the past, hahaha. I’m not afraid to give my honest opinions. Even if i disagree with you, I’ll probably just use my humor get a laugh out of it.

Whitney: I am a podcast addict! Since my day job is one of those lovely 9 to 5 desk jobs, I am constantly streaming podcasts into my earholes to keep from going insane. I am also a comedy nerd, book worm, comic book reader, TV watcher, Arts and Crafter, and Video Gamer.

Matt: occasionally shows up and randomly reminds the fanbase that he really likes Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, complain about League of Legends and to try and not come off like a total moron, the likes of which he usually fails at. He is evidently is very lovely due to looking like a pirate. You’ll probably find him swearing loudly at his Xbox, or making Lee regret giving him admin powers on the site. You can also tell he wrote his own biography.

Clint Fletcher: has a Bachelor’s Degree  in Film from Chicago’s Columbia University, has written and directed over a dozen independent movies, lives at home, and has stockpiled over 100 unfinished scripts. He has also reviewed movies for FilmMonthly.com and anonymously comments on youtube videos when he’s not delivering pizza. He gets by on a combination of good looks, sloppy work ethic, and insurance scams.

Tyler Parrish: is an alcoholic with an eating disorder and mommy issues who dropped out of high school and has been angrily blogging ever since. He has been featured on America’s Funniest Videos, Texts From Last Night, and TheDirty.com. As a born again virgin, he has an INSANE amount of free time to spew his vitriol forth onto the internet. Quite simply, he’s what is wrong with America.



Todd.Mario.Cart.The.Weird.Robot  Todd Awesome has been playing video games since Mario was kicking Donky Kongs ass.  Ok maybe not that long… But still a long time.  He is the excludinve provider of all things Destiny related on The Weird Robot, but you’ll see him pop up in our Web shorts, Blogs, and podcasts. check out his YouTube page.