REVIEW: Daredevil Season Finale (Ep13)

REVIEW: Daredevil Season Finale (Ep13)

Unlike my spoiler free mini-episode reviews I’ve been doing, this will be a full review of everything that does down in this episode.



Baby’s black balloon makes her fly…

The season finale opens up on a poignant shot of a hearse being opened and Ben Uhrich’s casket removed (I warned you) while Jimmy Cliff’s Many Rivers To Cross plays. The pallbearers carry it to the grave where Father Lantom is presiding. Amongst those gathered is his former boss (A taste of things to come?). Karen goes to speak with Ben’s widow and confesses that she thinks it’s her fault that Ben is dead. Mrs. Uhrich does what she’s done all season and reassures her. And fuckin’ A, when she starts talking about him taking out that life insurance policy… damn. Father Lantom speaks with Matt to see how he’s holding up.

They go back to the office where Karen laments about Ben’s crooked boss showing up at the funeral while Foggy did not. Karen also almost reveals that she killed Wesley (Again, RIP Wesley. We hardly knew ye). Matt vows to her that everyone is going to get what’s coming to them and that he’s going to protect her. Cut to a cool pan up to Wilson. A healing Vanessa comes in and they discuss some strange money numbers that Wilson has come across. He mentions that he’s going to have Leland take a look at them. Cut to Leland and Wilson entering a warehouse. Wilson calls him out on taking money and learns that he was responsible for the poisoning of Vanessa. Leland’s got an ace in the hole though, Detective Hoffman. As long as he has Hoffman he has the ability to put Fisk behind bars and if he doesn’t check in every twenty-four hours the men holding him will turn him over to testify so he’s going to take half Wilson’s money and head out of town. Leland has covered all his bases here.


“Bitch, please.”

It turns out that it’s never a good idea to fuck with Wilson Fisk though. He would rather throw you down an elevator shaft and go to jail then let you walk. This is such a great scene. I can’t recall another trap being so expertly placed and utterly avoided. Again, Fisk is all about control and these scenes where he loses it are pretty terrifying. I wonder about the Owl though. Did they just give Leland that name for one of the many great Easter Eggs they put in this season? Is he really dead? Is the son they so blatantly kept pointing out going to become him? Can’t wait to find out.

Meanwhile, back to cardio kickboxing with Matt Murdock. Foggy shows up to talk. He reveals that Marcy has been helping him to steal files from her firm. Matt and Foggy are still on bad terms but get back together to finish off Fisk. They head back to Sergeant Mahoney and trade info with him about Fisk possibly being involved in Ben’s murder. Matt uses his hyper-hearing to eavesdrop on some crooked cops going out to search for Hoffman. They also reference the movie Serpico here. An interesting tidbit to add here, showrunner Steven S. DeKnight has expressed interest in doing a Punisher show on Netflix (Which I really can’t possibly see sucking). If they used the plotline from Ultimate Punisher he would be a Serpico-like NYPD officer who’s family was killed because he wouldn’t take bribes from the Owl. Just saying. Hopefully this won’t get your hopes too high.

Meanwhile, at the hall of justice, Karen, Foggy, and Matt are back together and searching for Hoffman.They finally get a lead and Matt convinces Foggy only the man in the mask can handle this. Fisk also finds out Hoffman’s location. Kingpin’s cadre of crooked cops gets their first and take out all of Owlsley’s men but Daredevil arrives to take them all out concluding with a fucking flash kick!


“You win!”

No, we all win.

I’m not sure why, but there’s something infinitely cool about Daredevil slowly pulling the chair out and sitting down across from the blood spattered man he just saved and calmly explaining how it’s gonna be. Every shot of him walking into the station is cool (And there’s a picture of Chief Stan Lee over Mahoney’s left shoulder). The FBI interview Hoffman (And his lawyer’s, Nelson and Murdock). Then there’s a fantastic montage of all the corrupt getting picked up while classical opera plays. One interesting thing to note in this segment is that it turns out Ben’s editor wasn’t on the take, his secretary was. It’ll be interesting to see if he comes back in season two. Also, the agent in the FBI stocking cap that arrests the senator looks ridiculous.

Fisk and Vanessa have a quick but important scene. Fisk proposes to her. I thought they were going to do the angle where they get married real quick so she can’t be compelled to testify against him but no, they just get engaged. Foggy, Karen, and Matt celebrate everyone getting taken down. The peasants rejoice. There’s still twenty minutes left to go though so I suspect he may escape.

This begins one of the greatest scenes I have ever witnessed. The Kingpin recounts the biblical tale of the good Samaritan and how he used to believe he was the Samaritan. Not since Breaking Bad have I witnessed an actor so gracefully shift from good to evil. He finally realizes that although he had good intentions he himself is not a good person. “I am the ill intent”, he forcefully declares. What an epic line. You can almost see his conscience exit his body here.


He IS the ill intent!

Fisk’s men take out the convoy and rescue him. Foggy and Matt have a last quick encounter where Foggy seems to get on board with Matt’s vigilantism. The look on D’onofrio’s face after the agent in the truck kills the other one is amazing. He looks like his small child just farted in public. Meanwhile, Matt heads back to Potter’s to see if his body armor is finished. He reiterates that Betsy (Who we still haven’t seen) is going to be alright. I wouldn’t be surprised if this backfires and sets up Gladiator’s villain run in season two. Matt gets up to rooftop level and tracks down Fisk with his super-hearing. Fisk calls Vanessa and has a last touching scene where he tells her to leave if he doesn’t make it there in twenty minutes. His truck flips over and wrecks though when a custom billy club flies through the windshield! At last! We finally see the finished suit. He ricochets a billy club off the truck into a guy’s noggin’ too!

Fisk takes off on foot but I strongly suspect running isn’t his strongest suit. Daredevil quickly catches him but uh-oh… Fisk is mad. Hopefully there’s no elevator shafts nearby. I’ve been a huge fan of the action on this show but DD judo flipping Fisk through the air is a bit much. Other than that, they have a very classic speed versus strength fight. The clearly CGI sparks when Fisk strikes DD’s armor were way over the top and distracting though. I’ll give you the one when the rebar hits the billy club but the rest were cheesy and took me out of the moment. Sgt. Mahoney shows up and has a nice moment with Daredevil before letting him go. Vanessa gets the bad news and puts her engagement ring on before helicoptering out.


“This is my city! MY city!!!”

In the aftermath, the media finally reveals his new name. I kinda like how the press names him Daredevil. Matt and Karen have a last final scene together hinting at their possible future romance. There’s a really cool transition between the door of the law office opening and Fisk’s cell door closing. He’s finally wearing all white (Which he’s famous for in the comics) and the wall of his cell is revealed to resemble the painting he got from Vanessa to remind him of his timeout wall as a boy, neatly tying up the entire season. I give this episode a B+

Final thoughts on the season as a whole. The good- The show is great. Most of the acting is really on point. The writing is good. There are tons of Easter Eggs for the hardcore fans and I think even pacing of the origin story to not confuse newbies. The cinematography might be the best I’ve ever seen on a television show (And is better than most films). The fight choreography is definitely the best I’ve ever seen on television. Overall, they seem to have really matched the tone of the comics well.

The bad- This show is supposed to be super dark. They’ve added too much humor. There are times when it plays well but there’s way too much of it. I’ve also enjoyed the subtle overtones of Matt’s Catholicism throughout the season, but they definitely get a little more overt towards the end. Rosario Dawson started off great but almost seemed wasted once she was randomly abandoned mid-season. Maybe she will feature more prominently in season two? I can’t imagine that if they go the Hand route and bring in Elektra though. The last few episodes kind of feel rushed and although they end up having interesting twists that keep you engaged, I can’t believe they killed off Ben and Wesley, two of the best actors/characters on the show.

The ugly- Elden Henson is bad as Foggy. This is the most glaring error on the show. He picks up a bit mid-season but by the end is back to mediocrity. Even when he was on there was no part of me that thought he could ever bang Marcy… and that’s coming from someone that wishes people like Foggy got to have sex with people like Marcy.

In conclusion, I can’t help but wonder if the show got off to a great start with Drew Goddard and then Steven S. DeKnight came in and screwed the pooch. I would like to think not, since I know that he came in early enough to make alterations to the first few episodes (It was his idea to stretch out the origin over two episodes and not to actually see Kingpin until episode three) but that would be a neat and tidy explanation. Overall though, it’s very enjoyable, and it did what all the great adaptations do… it made me want to go out and read the source material.

I might even watch the Affleck film again

…but not Elektra. No, never that.

T-Bagz saw Elektra in theaters and didn’t forgive Jennifer Garner until Catch And Release


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    I believe that last scene is not about romance at all. That scene… could it be that she realized he is Daredevil? i mean, look the camera work, its different!

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