REVIEW: Daredevil Episodes 10, 11, 12

REVIEW: Daredevil Episodes 10, 11, 12

Episode 10: Nelson v. Murdock opens with Foggy confronting Matt about his nocturnal activities.

The flashback to them meeting in college is good. Foggy listening to God damn Drops Of Jupiter is perfect. Foggy’s above average acting maintains through this episode. The second flashback of them is particularly endearing. I’ve gotta say though, I feel like the basis for Foggy’s anger at the end of this episode is a bit weak. This could be because although it seems true to Foggy’s character, he gets mad about some truly petty shit. The acting is pretty great for the most part but the only chink in Charlie Cox’s armor seems to be when he cries. For some reason I’m just not buying it.


Kingpin and Madame Gao opens with a breathtaking wide shot. I love her story about the snake in her village. It also should be noted that Vincent D’onofrio does some great acting here while speaking Chinese, which can’t be easy. We’re finally treated to a bit of back story on Ben’s ailing wife too. My heart sank at the end of this scene though. I was very caught up in it.

The scene that shows the first time Matt does out as Daredevil is simple yet elegant and the only real bit of action in this episode. I have a feeling this is going to be the calm before the storm though. And what is going on with that dinner party? B+


Episode 11: The Path Of The Righteous opens right where the last episode ends. Again, the writing here to make both Matt and Wilson helpless is intriguing. I love how they’re continuously winded together like a DNA strand. Speaking of being intertwined, the scene with Wesley and Wilson in the hospital was well played. I’m starting to think Wesley might be in love with Wilson. I can’t wait to see them shed a little light on their background.


The scene with Ben and Karen at the docks didn’t blow me away but the one with Father Lantom was better although it was basically the equivalent of the “Bats scare me” scene from Batman Begins. I don’t really like how needlessly desperate Karen is getting. This episode drug a little for me, but I definitely got back in it during Wilson’s speech at Vanessa’s bedside. The scene with Wesley and Karen is even better and beautifully shot and OH SHIT! Forget what I said about this episode dragging! B+


Episode 12: The Ones We Leave Behind. I’m officially at a loss. Can’t wait to see where this goes. The scene with Wilson and Vanessa and Wilson and Wesley were very touching. I really enjoy how they’re writing Kingpin to be empathetic.The scene with his mother is along those same lines. I wonder if the whole Foggy and his ex thing is going anywhere or if it’s just filler.

On a side note, although parkour certainly looks cool it bothers me how overused it is. When a guy is jumping from rooftop to rooftop he doesn’t have to spin sideways through the air. Cool bit of action though. Also, the mark on the heroin bags is definitely Steel Serpent’s chest tattoo (Iron Fist’s tattoo without the wings). They also call the drug Steel Serpent. Does this mean Madame Gao is actually Crane Mother?

The scene with Ben and his boss is good. The scene with he and his wife is better. The imagery of Daredevil being attacked by a roomful of blind people is fascinating. Matt’s breakdown with Karen is on point and I was completely immersed in the scene with Ben and Wilson. I haven’t felt that tense since the plane was taking off in Argo. Another unexpected twist! Where is this going to leave us?!?!?! A-


T-Bagz is about to order a hundred dollars worth of Daredevil comics


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