REVIEW: Daredevil Episodes 8 & 9

REVIEW: Daredevil Episodes 8 & 9

Episode 8: Shadows In The Glass starts out with the Wilson Fisk cooking hour. A scene of him meticulously making his own breakfast and getting dressed shows not only a willingness to get his hands dirty but also how much of a Type A bastard the man is. It ends in haunting fashion, with Fisk seeing his reflection as that of a blood spattered teen.

There’s a great scene at the beginning of this episode that adds a little garnish to the relationship between Wesley and Wilson. As alluded to in his earlier speech with Vanessa, Wesley is definitely a friend as well as his consigliere. A lot of this episode starts fleshing out the origins of Fisk. There’s some fancy camera work in the initial flashback too. I can’t gush enough how great this trip back in time is. You can really get a sense of where all of Wilson’s idiosyncrasies come from. I thought it was interesting how the wall his father made him face was eerily reminiscent of the painting he bought from Vanessa. The fleshing out of his back story is absolutely captivating. And the end of it… man.
There’s another great scene showcasing Kingpin being an evil prick with the Bradley-Cooper-wannabe-detective’s partner. The scene at the law firm is great too. Ending it on the dual purpose line of, “I don’t know. I’m making this up as I go along” is great writing. They finally reveal Mr. Potter. The Gladiatores poster is a great Easter Egg to the fact that he is Gladiator (Matt Gerald). This was an old school Daredevil villain who was a costume designer the ended up being an ally. He’s responsible for Kingpin’s knife-proof clothing. I wonder if he’ll be the one to end up making the red Daredevil suit…


I really enjoyed the scene when Madame Gao visits Kingpin at home. Finding out that he has actually spoken Japanese and Chinese this whole time is an interesting twist. We also see what happens when Wilson loses control and in another great juxtaposition Kingpin and Matt both now have busted apartments. Speaking of Matt, the meeting between Daredevil and Ben is on point. Don’t want to spoil the end of the episode but I loved the swerve at the finale. A-


Episode 9: Speak Of The Devil starts out with him battling a ninja, natch. Then we have another meeting with priest. I have since learned that Father Lantom is actually in a few Marvel comics (Mostly Cloak and Dagger stuff). He tells a fantastic story about whether or not the devil is real. Their later scene in the episode is also insanely good. I love the lines (I’m paraphrasing here), “Are you asking yourself if you don’t want to kill him but have to or that you don’t have to kill him but want to” and, “I don’t think you went to find insight on a man so you can kill him. I think you went to find a reason not to.”

I enjoyed the scene where Ben comes by the office to discuss the Kingpin going public. The face to face with Kingpin at the art gallery is sick though. And Vanessa even has good chemistry with Matt. Speaking of good acting, Foggy finally really steps his game up in this episode.

The fight with Nobu is phenomenal. I also love love love the zoom in that reveals him in the warehouse. I like that it seems like they’re actually going to use the Hand plot from the comics where it’s run by a demon. Although it may sound silly, I think having an actual demon will allow the show to utilize even more some of the overt religious themes they’ve been hinting at. The fight has a sick ending too and then finally a physical altercation with Daredevil and the Kingpin! And Foggy finds out Matt is Daredevil! The shit is hitting the fan! A
T-Bagz has gone out at night before in red spandex


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