REVIEW: Daredevil Episodes 5, 6, 7

REVIEW: Daredevil Episodes 5, 6, 7

Again, these will be general episode reviews and therefore not so spoileriffic.

Episode 5:World On Fire begins with a battered Claire waking up at Matt’s apartment. They have a very candid scene where Matt reveals how his powers work. The acting and writing are great but I’m not sure how I feel about the way they make Matt’s radar sense look. Granted, I don’t know how often they’ll be using it as we’re five episodes in and this is the first time we see it.

The scene with Wesley and the Russians is good. Again, having the ability to pit the different crime lords against each other adds an interesting facet to the show. I don’t know that I’m crazy about Owlsley. He’s the only one of the bunch that doesn’t strike me as being dangerous. Hopefully this is being done to make a shift down the road more dramatic.

The scene with the drug mule in the cab is pulled off well. I enjoyed the way the camera spins back and forth in it. Very similar with how they ended episode two. More killer fighting. I also just realized that Daredevil’s mask is the exact same as Iron Fist’s (Coming soon to Netflix!). I also just realized that Foggy looks familiar because he’s Fulton from Mighty Ducks.


Covers the eyes and nose but not the mouth. Note the two strands that tie in back.

The subplot is Foggy and Matt taking on a landlord’s swindling deal against their old law firm (Complete with Foggy’s evil large breasted ex). The scene at the police station not only further establishes Kingpin’s reach but also utilizes Matt’s super hearing in an interesting way. The slow camera pull back at the end of this scene is a great visual. Foggy VS the ex is great and finally gives him some balls. I like how Wesley seems to know everything between languages and wine selections. He’s a very interesting character.

I wasn’t crazy about the handheld camera in the scene with the Russian’s learning of Fisk’s betrayal but meh. The impromptu date between Foggy and Karen is cute and endearing but I found the facial touching to be a bit strange. Great way to end it though.

We also find Daredevil’s first nemesis… text messaging. The scene with Matt and Claire turned me off a little bit. I hope she doesn’t go back and forth this whole season. I do love the line, “I just don’t think I can let myself fall in love with someone who’s so damn close to becoming what he hates” though.

The scene where they flesh out some of Wilson’s background is fascinating. I like how they make someone who is so powerful is so insecure. I like that Vanessa is the one thing he can’t have by using his usual means. I think it’s captivating how his past kind of mirrors Matt Murdock’s in the sense that both of them lost their fathers when they were young and how they’re both ultimately trying to clean up the city.

The only part about this episode I had a major issue with is that Daredevil never reveals any remorse for the accidental death of the blind drug mule. I’m not sure if this was done to add credence to Claire’s claim that he’s becoming what he hates or just an oversight. Overall, I give it a B+

Episode 6: Condemned picks up right where five left off… with another epic fight scene! This time Daredevil fights while handcuffed and hits a guy with the mandible claw!


This episode already gets an A-

This episode is centered around Daredevil and Vladimir being trapped in an abandoned warehouse together surrounded by corrupt cops on the Kingpin’s payroll. The scene at the beginning between Daredevil and Vladimir is great. His unique sense of humor is really starting to come through. I especially loved the line, “I don’t really go to the movies.” Also loved how he could sense everything in the warehouse. Making Claire help save her former tormentor is a good bit of writing as well.

There’s plenty of cool shots in the warehouse with the dust falling. The real star of this episode is that almost exactly halfway through the season Kingpin and Daredevil finally have their first encounter. Think Pacino and Deniro in Heat. In a slick bit of writing, they’re able to carry on a conversation via police radio with one another (This could be an homage to that great cinema classic Die Hard). The ending conversation with Vladimir explaining to Daredevil how he has to kill Fisk reminded me of the classic Garth Ennis Punisher story (I believe it was in Welcome Back, Frank- The comic that most of the Thomas Jane Punisher movie was adapted from) where he traps Daredevil and forces him to make a choice between killing him and allowing him to kill someone else.




In the end, Punisher had removed the firing pin so he tricked Daredevil into shooting him to save the life of another but it’s a great way to illustrate Daredevil’s unwillingness to take a life VS the practicality of it, just like how Vladimir and Daredevil do at the end of this episode. Another solid A- for this episode.

Episode 7: Stick starts out with a frantic Japanese man retrieving a gun before being interrogated and killed by Stick. Who is Stick, you ask? A very important character in Daredevil lore. Stick is the man who trains Matt Murdock and Elektra. Like Daredevil, he is blind but he is the head of an ancient ninja order for good (The Chaste) which counter balances the group Elektra winds up with (The Hand). He has been artfully cast as Scott Glenn (The Wise Man from Sucker Punch).


Thus begins another beautiful juxtaposition. I can only assume that whereas the first half of the season was about the nurturing from his father Jack, the second half is going to be all Stick and Stick is all about tough love. They bring back Matt’s vow to not kill from last episode and expand upon it further. The flashback scenes where Stick trains him are well put together. He not only trains his body but also trains his mind to help him get over the guilt he feels for his father’s death.

Stick and Daredevil have to work together to stop a weapon known as Black Sky which turns out to be a child that Matt can sense is slightly off. What does this mean? I’m assuming that season two is going to deal extensively with The Hand, the aforementioned evil ninja clan that in the comics is run by a demon. This can be further backed up by the mysterious man Stick speaks with at the end of the episode (Who is Stone, his favored pupil. It said so in the credits). All in all, more of the same from what is still a great season of television. A-

T-Bagz once pretended to be blind for an entire day in Kindergarten


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