REVIEW: Daredevil Episode 2, 3, 4

REVIEW: Daredevil Episode 2, 3, 4

In the interest of getting some sleep before work and also not wanting to spoil everything, I’ll be doing a much more succinct review of these episodes.

Episode 2:Cut Man starts out engagingly enough with a man finding Daredevil’s near unconscious body in a dumpster and running away. He goes and brings Claire Temple (Played by Rosario Dawson whom I’ve been in love with since Clerks 2). In the comics, Claire is the ex-wife of Bill Foster (Goliath, Black Goliath, Giant-Man) and is a love interest of Luke Cage (Coming soon to Netflix!). In this series, she’s kind of an amalgam of that character and Night Nurse (A comic about a nurse who helped superheroes).

LA Premiere of "Marvel's Daredevil" - Arrivals

She tries to get Murdock to a hospital and he explains to her that he can’t do that or the man responsible will kill everyone in the hospital to get to him. The tone looks like what they did with the Gotham show but not as cheesy. A flashback to a pre-accident Matt who watches his father lose a boxing match due to a bad stoppage. Battlin’ Jack comes home and his son tends to his wounds. The chemistry between these two is great. The visual of a son having his first drink before stitching up his father is both wholesome and gruesome. Love the way they write Jack as a likeable dude. They also reveal that Jack threw the fight to make rent.

Interesting scene establishing some chemistry between Karen and Foggy. The lighting in this scene is fantastic and the acting is right behind it. Next is a triage scene between Claire and Matt that does a great job of establishing the fact that although he is a superhero, deep down Matt Murdock is just a flesh and blood man who is as vulnerable as any of us. Part of Daredevil’s charm, if you ask me. Great chemistry between Dawson and Cox.

Flashback to a post-accident Matt. He is in the hospital and waking up for the first time without his sight. This further does a fantastic job of portraying his vulnerability as he deals with the confusion of the radioactive substance that has robbed his sight accelerating his other senses. Can you imagine the confusion? Present day Matt wakes up struggling to breath due to a collapsed lung. He fills her in on what’s been happening. They showcase some more of his hyper-senses.

Flashback to a post-accident Matt learning braille. The Irish Mob has set up a big time match for Jack to take a dive in. He refuses initially but acquiesces once they remind him of his financial obligations to Matt. Foggy and Karen have another good scene. Matt and Claire have another great scene where she reveals that Daredevil has been a busy boy. Another great scene with a young Matt and his father. His new boxing robe and gloves have arrived. They’re red and yellow… foreshadowing to Daredevil’s eventual costume and paying homage to his original one in the comics.


This episode vacillates back and forth between great scenes between Claire and Matt, Foggy and Karen, and young Matt and his father. There’s a drop in the mystery bucket as to where Matt’s mother has been this whole time and what happens to Jack Murdock. At the end of the episode there is a brutal fight scene shot to look like it was all done in one take. It’s impressive nonetheless. Possibly even better than the fighting in the pilot. This show kicks so much ass. A-


Episode 3: Rabbit In A Snowstorm opens with a ginger assassin jumping some type of bad news baller in a bowling alley. Fantastic fight! After the first episode I really didn’t think they would be able to deliver with action in every episode but they are proving me wrong. The priest from the opening confessional of the pilot comes back. I hope this is a continuing trend. I would love to see them delve into the religious aspects of the character.

Some new characters pop up and flesh out some more of the bad guy back story. One of these guys is a so good at doing Pacino that it’s eerie. It’s revealed that the former boss Rigoletto is dead. The African-American man is Ben Urich (An investigative reporter readers may recognize from Daredevil and Spider-Man). We also see our first scene of Wesley and Murdock together as he seeks to hire them. Wesley does a great job of not being a scary sociopath here.

The scene between Ben and his editor is very good. The acting is fantastic and the writing is some of the best showcased so far. The dialogue in the scene between the ginger assassin and Matt and Foggy is also quite good. If this writing trend continues things are going to get really good by the finale.

This episode showcases another reason I think this show is going to be great. Not only can Daredevil go out and kick a ton of ass but there’s also the courtroom drama aspect of the show. They can be Law And Order too, and who doesn’t love Law And Order? If Sam Waterston shows up as a district attorney for an episode I will absolutely lose my shit. Murdock gives a fantastic speech at the end of this episode that not only is a good appeal to the jury but also backs up a lot of things that pertain to Daredevil. There’s some further exciting cinematography in this episode, especially in the courtroom scenes.


To top it all off, there is another sweet fight at the end coupled with one of the best endings I’ve ever seen. They finally reveal Kingpin’s name in this episode and we finally see Vinny D’onofrio ending his weird Dr. Claw routine. The real cherry on the sundae though is the reveal of Vanessa Marianna who in theory will go on to become the Kingpin’s wife. The fact that they’re showing a multi-faceted edge to the Kingpin is even more reassuring of what we can expect of things to come. They’re really nailing this so far. A-

Episode four In The Blood opens eight years ago in a Russian prison. The Chechnyan brothers backstory begins to get fleshed out a bit. It is a gruesome and interesting opening. Claire pops back up in this episode and tends to Matt’s various wounds. There’s also the possible love connection between Claire and Matt.

More vibrant cinematography in the diner scene with Ben and Karen. There’s a lot of intrigue going on between the various crime families which continues to keep things interesting. There’s finally a whole scene with Kingpin and D’onofrio is really nailing it. There’s great chemistry between him and Wesley and even greater chemistry between him and Vanessa (Ayelet Zurer, Angels & Demons).

They’re doing a great job of finding stuff for all the characters to do. Karen and Ben try to take down the company that killed her friend while D’onofrio’s innate awkwardness perfectly suits his struggling suitor. Meanwhile, Matt and Claire keep fighting crime. There’s a really cool scene further establishing what a badass Kingpin is.


There’s a monumentally great scene towards the end where Matt patches Claire up. The acting and dialogue are killer. Then there’s a beautiful juxtaposition between their budding romance and that of Wilson and Vanessa. There’s also a scene between Wesley and one of the Chechnyan’s that’s amazingly well lit and well acted. Then, at long last, the Kingpin is finally revealed in all his villainous glory. He is raw power and cold calculation. This scene further establishes just how cold Wesley is and how fucking nuts Kingpin is. I think it would be fair to say that I’m hooked on this show now. A-

T-Bagz looks more like the Kingpin than Vincent D’onofrio and is worse on dates


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