Destiny: Nightfall Strike 3/24/15 Walk Through (Phogoth)

Destiny: Nightfall Strike 3/24/15 Walk Through (Phogoth)

Hey Internet,

Awesome here. You guys know that once a week I do something crazy for all of my fellow Destiny lovers out there. I get up at 3 am to create a walk through video for each weeks Nightfall Strike Mission. This week is no different. So…Because I love you, and Destiny a little to much. Here is this weeks Nightfall Strike Walkthrough. This weeks Nightfall is “Summoning Pits” and the modifiers are:

*Nightfall – If all players die, you will be returned to orbit.

*Epic – Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers.

*LightSwitch – Minions of the Darkness deal much more melee damage.

*Angry – Minions of the Darkness won’t flinch, even after massive damage

*Arc Burn – Arc Damage from any source is greatly increased

I am working on creating the video now. If you want to watch me play it live and ask me questions about it go to my twitch channel.
Twitch Channel:

Once I beat the nightfall I will work on putting the Walk Through video as quickly as possible. So check back here or go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube Channel to be notified right when it gets uploaded.

Below is the walk through I created quickly before trying to tackle this mornings nightfall. I hope this helps those of you that want to tackle it before I get the video up. Enjoy.

The Summoning Pits:

You’ll Start out this strike mission up the hill from the entrance. But you can skip most of this area. So hop on the sparrow and ride past the opening area, with Acolytes and knights. Then sparrow down the stairs and through the room where the Fallen and Hive are fighting. Continue Sparrowing (I know it’s not a verd but you know what I mean) down the stairs and you’ll hit the “Respawn Restricted” Message on your TV. Once you hit that, jump off your Sparrow, and drop Dinkle-bot down on the closed door to the right as you enter the room.

Defend Dinkle-bot:

Once you drop Dinkle-bot he will get to work on opening the door. This will take 3 waves of Hive for him to manage. The first waves sends a bunch of thralls and a few nights your way. They are easily managed. The second wave includes some hallowed (yellow) acolytes, and a couple of Wizards and Knights. The third wave is going to throw a couple of kinghts and some cursed thralls at you. Steer clear of the cursed thrall, they will explode and do massive damage if they get to close. But if you kill them while they are around Hive that same explosion will hurt the hive around them. so… Fight fire with fire. This final round will also spawn in a few wizards. One of which is Mormu, Xol Spawn. She is one tough wizard. Keep your distance and use solar weapons if you have them. This will quickly take down her shields and her health will soon follow. Once She is dead and you have cleared the rest of the hive Dinkle-Bot will finish his work on the door and it will open.

Move through to the Boss Fight:

This next section can be largely skipped. So move down the steps through the door Dinkle-Bot just opened. In that first room there is an Ogre and a Knight that need to be killed. Once those are dispatched start running. Follow your way point guide and don’t stop running to fight anything. you can run all the way though to the Boss room (Saving you about 10 minutes)

Boss Fight:

Phogoth the Untamed

There are two ways to do this. The hard way and the right way. To do it the hard way you’ll need to enter into the Phogoth’s room and clear it of all the Hive that are hanging out. DON’T SHOOT PHOGOTH YET. Clear the room first. Once you start shoot Phogoth he will break his chains and start attacking you. He is just a big Ogre so you can expect the exact same types of attacks from him. Hide behind cover and shoot him in the Chesticles (the small “bag” below the Orge “eye” that is the normal critical spot). While you are dealing with Phogoth more hive will spawn in from the sides of the map and three drops ships will come in to help Phogoth kill the attacking Guardians. When the additional Hive Spawn in tshift your focus to them and clear the room again. Then focus on Phogoth again. Repeat this until Phogoth is destroyed.

The Right way.

Break out the snipers. (Ice Breaker is the best). Once you enter the room Phogoth is in shot him until he breaks his chains. Once he does retreat back into the room before Phogoths room. Shoot him from that room until the Sheriker appears above you then duck back into the room before the room before Phogoth. There is a straight line of sight (although it is small) from the room when you are now to where Phogoth is. Shoot Phogoth from this spot until the Sheriker disappears (Don’t kill Sheriker). Once the Sheriker is gone go back into the room before Phogoth’s room and Lay down the hurt again. Once the Sheriker re-appears run back another room. and continue the process until Phogoth is dead.

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