Destiny: Nightfall Strike 3/3/15 Walk Through (Sepiks Prime)

Destiny: Nightfall Strike 3/3/15 Walk Through (Sepiks Prime)

Hey Internet,
Awesome here. You guys know that once a week I do something crazy for all of my fellow Destiny lovers out there. I get up at 3 am to create a walk through video for each weeks Nightfall Strike Mission. This week is no different. So…Because I love you, and Destiny a little to much. Here is this weeks Nightfall Strike Walkthrough.  This weeks Nightfall is Sepiks Prime and the modifiers are:

Nightfall –If all players die, you will be returned to orbit.

Epic -Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers.

Arc Burn -Arc damage from any source is increased by 300%

LightSwitch -Minions of the Darkness deal much more melee damage.

Angry -Minions of the Darkness won’t flinch, even after massive damage

If you want to watch me play it live and ask me questions about it go to my twitch channel.

Twitch Channel:

Once I beat the nightfall I will work on putting the Walk Through video as quickly as possible.  So check back here or go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube Channel to be notified right when it gets uploaded.


Below is the walk through I created quickly before trying to tackle this mornings nightfall.  I hope this helps those of you that want to tackle it before I get the video up.  Enjoy.


As you start the mission you aren’t anywhere close to the entrance of the strike mission.  So hop on your sparrow and head over (following your waypoint) and enter the mission.  You’ll have to clear the initial room of all the Hive and Fallen then move into the Room with the Mesh generator.

Once you Drop Dinkle-bot on the Mesh generator he is going to work on clearing the 3 layers of mesh that are blocking your path through.  Naturally for each mesh layer (3) there are as many waves (3).  The first 2 will just be Fallen, then both Fallen and Hive. You will also have to deal with Naksis (unique Fallen captain).  He is a regular Captain (Arc shields and can teleport short distances.) But can do a lot more damage.  Keeping him away from you (Sniping him from a distance) is the best way to deal with him.

Once you have cleared all three waves Dinkle-bot clears the Mesh layers and you can move forward.

Best spots:

On the back wall behind the Mesh Generator

- You can snipe from back here and can duck behind the stacked container on your left for cover

On the Gasoline tank to the left of the Mesh Generator

  • The enemies never come over to this area.  They may shoot at you but if you get in any kind of trouble you can just duck behind the tank itself.  This is a very good solo spot.

The Devil Walker

In this section you come out of the buildings and into a clearing.  It’s best to go to the building all the way to your immediate left as you enter the clearing.  Jump up on top and hang out behind the air conditioning units.  From here you can snipe the Devil Walker (Tank) and he won’t even shoot at you.  You’re welcome.

To take down the Devil Walker just shoot his legs out from under him.  Once a leg is taken out the Devil Walker drops and his neck opens up a critical spot for you to shoot.  Do that until he stands back up and repeat the process.

Once the Devil Walker is dead more through and clear the valley of the fallen that are hanging out, pick up any ammo that has dropped, and more to the Devils Lair for the Boss fight.

Boss Battle – Speiks Prime

Once the doors open you’ll see fallen “Praying” to Sepiks.  This is giving him a shield and making him impervious to your attacks.  So clear out the Fallen.  Once the Fallen have been taken care of Sepiks becomes attackable (I know it’s not a word but you know what I mean).  I find the best place to attack him (with out jumping into the glitch window) is up the stairs on the left and right behind the purple crate that is up there.  It gives you cover from Speiks and allows you to easily jump out and lay waste to Speiks’ critical spot (His “eye”).  From time to time more fallen come in, so clear them out and the focus on Speiks again.  Repeat the process until Sepiks explodes.  Thats It.

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  • William says:


  • Victor says:

    todd is awesome! Thanks for the weekly grind your tops for my destiny YouTube channels.

  • BoostKing5233 says:

    Great job on all the videos btw! I always do the end battle with sepnasty underneath the platform you walk into his area on. Just kill the few enemies when you get there and walk straight off the platform so that your directly beneath him then back up a few feet. This usually keeps him right in front of you the whole time and is super easy to take him down. Plus the mobs that get dropped off can easily be picked off as they land. Easiest way ive found to do it!
    Happy hunting gaurdians :)

    • Todd Awesome says:

      Dude this is great advice. Thanks buddy. I am glad you enjoy the videos. Please help spread the word about the channel and share it with your circle of guardians. Thanks buddy.

  • Hunter Whitlock says:

    What was your loadout for this run?

    • Todd Awesome says:

      Primary was the Fang of ir Yut (the Crota’s end scout rifle)
      Secondary I used the ice breaker. But the black hammer works just as well on the tank and final boss
      For a heavy I used the Song of Ir Yut which is the Crota’s end machine gun.

  • Im definatly subbing to your channel :D thx for the info it really did help

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