Destiny: Nightfall Strike 2/24/15 Walk Through (Valus Ta’aurc)

Destiny: Nightfall Strike 2/24/15 Walk Through (Valus Ta’aurc)

Hey Internet,
Awesome here. You guys know that once a week I do something crazy for all of my fellow Destiny lovers out there. I get up at 3 am to create a walk through video for each weeks Nightfall Strike Mission. This week is no different. So…Because I love you, and Destiny a little to much. Here is this weeks Nightfall Strike Walkthrough.  This weeks Nightfall is Valus Ta’aurc and the modifiers are:

Nightfall – If all players die, you will be returned to orbit.
Epic – Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers.
LightSwitch – Minions of the Darkness deal much more melee damage.
Angry – Minions of the Darkness won’t flinch, even after massive damage
Juggler – No ammo drop for your equipped weapon

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Below is the walk through I created quickly before trying to tackle this mornings nightfall. I hope this helps those of you that want to tackle it before I get the video up. Enjoy.


Cerberus Vae III:

This strike mission starts out on Meridian bay on Mars.  Jump on your sparrows and follow the way point down the hill.  Only one Guardian needs to go to the terminal inside the room you are lead to by the way point.  That Guardian needs to ride into that room.  Jump off the Sparrow and drop Dinkle-bot one to the terminal that is to your left as you enter the room.  Then jump on the sparrow and ride through the doors that have opened (Follow your way point).  

There is no need to get off your sparrow and fight, Or trade your sparrow in for an interceptor (Cabal Rocket Vehicle).  Ride your sparrow through until you hit the room where your “respawn restricted” Message appears.  Your sparrow may get destroy in the room before this happens.  Fi you do you can still just run through that room, but you may need to take out a few Cabal before you’ll have a clear path.

Once you reach the area where your “Respawn restricts” you’ll be in a tunnel with some Psions and a legionary.  Dispatch them and move to the edge of the tunnel.  You can also hop on one of the Interceptors at this point but I don’t think they are worth the trouble.  Stand at the edge of the tunnel and clear out the valley below you with a long range weapon (Scout/Sniper rifle).  There is also a trench off to your left that some Cabel are going to be fighting from.  Make sure you take all of them out before you press on to the first of the Guards.  

Once you clear as much as you can from the end of the tunnel I like to move out of the tunnel and jump up on the rocks that are right above the tunnel.  This gives you an excellent sniper spot to over look the entire valley.  Wherever you go at this point focus on taking out the the first of Ta’Aurc’s Guards. Once you have taken him out a drop ship will come in and drop two more Guards as well as a bunch more Cabal into the mix.  Take them out from a distance like you dispatched the first guard.  

Once all three of those guards are dead you’ll need to more further into the valley and fight the last of Ta’Aurc’s Guards, A Tank.  Some people at this point grab those interceptors and circle around the tank shooting it with the interceptors rockets.  I find it’s easiest to pick (one of the many good sniper spots) and sniping the Tank’s legs (Critical spot).  You will have to watch out for the Rocket blast the Tank can do.  Just make sure your back isn’t up against a hard surface that the rocket can explode on (killing you instantly) and you’ll be fine.  My favorite sniper spot is either in the location the first Guard is found, or off to the right on the rocket that elevate you above the Tanks reach.

once the Tank is destroyed, Sparrow up and ride through to the boss room.  Seriously.  There is no need to get off your sparrow in the “valley of the Kings” area (unless you need ammo).

Boss Battle:

Valaus Ta’Aurc can be a pain, depending on if there is a burn modifier, or light switch is active.  But for the most part he is easy.  There are two ways to do this.  The Hard way and the Right way.  I will show you both:

The Hard way:

Enter the room and take out the cabal that are hanging out in that area.  This will cause Valus to spawn in. While he is spawning in move to the upstairs area off to your right. Once He enters the room, he will do a LONG animation sequence, he is invincible during this so don’t bother shooting him until about 3 seconds after he starts shooting at you.  Use the cover on that top area to hide when you need to recharge your shields and then pop out and hit Valius in the head (His critical spot).  Just like every other boss fight addition cabal spawn in from the sides of the boss room.  When this happens use your grenades/Supers/Heavy wepons to take out the additional cabal and the focus back on Valus.  Continue this until Valus is dead.  

The Right way:

It starts out the same.  But if you need to recharge your shields, or just need to get away from all the adds that spawn in.  run to the top corner of the walk way you start this boss battle on and drop down behind a big box.  You can duck down and recharge your shields there.  If Valus is close that this point you can even stay there and use the cover provided to take out him, or other adds.  This is the safest way to take him out and not get killed in the process.

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