Review: The Walking Dead S5 Episode 3:

The walking dead season 5 epsiode 3

Hey Robots, Whit here! It’s time to take a look at Episode 3 of our favorite post apocalyptic soap opera! This week brought another great episode of The Walking Dead and handled the source material with such finesse, I was literally “squeeing” with delight before we even got to the first commercial break. Let’s dive in, shall we?

We pick up almost exactly where we left off, the Bob-B-Que still going strong (Aint no party like a Bob-B-Que party, cuz a Bob-B-Que party don’t stop!). Gareth is monologuing about a plethora of topics including; their group being the ones who left the signs of the X-Men on all the trees so they could find their way back to Terminus (but rightly questioning what they have left to return to at this point with their compound in ruins), the fact that they say Carol and Daryl drive away, his preference for pretty women as his favorite source of protein, and more insight into his devotion to cannibalism. Toward the end of his soliloquy, however, he is interrupted by Bob’s sobs that then merge into maniacal laughter as he delivers the line all of us comic book readers were waiting for… “You’re eating tainted meat!”.

Back at the church, our group is realizing that they are three members short, and immediately suspect Gabriel. Their confrontation with him leads to a confession, though not of the whereabouts of the missing members, but of him locking out member’s of his congregation at the start of the apocalypse rather than offering them sanctuary. A whistle from outside leads to the discovery of Bob, who has been returned to the church a little lighter than he left them.Bob have you lost weight? There’s something different about you but I cant quite put my finger on it… He explains who took him and reveals that, apart from just having his leg eaten in front of him, he has also been bitten.

While Rick begins to propose their plan of action/retaliation, Abraham decides that he is not interested in dealing with anything this group has going on anymore and wants to leave for DC now. This inevitably leads to an alpha-male power struggle between him and Rick that Glen helps to mediate and negotiate a compromise (also telling Abraham that he and Maggie will leave with him if he agrees to help with the Terminites). This scene also has my favorite interaction with Eugene thus far, which goes like this: Abraham- “Eugene, let’s go!” / Eugene- “I don’t want to…” / Abraham- “NOW!” / Eugene- “OK…”. This was brilliant to me and aside from making me giggle, still manages to convey who Eugene is as a character.

After settling the DC debate, Rick and the group have now decided on a mystery plan for confronting Gareth’s group. Rick is still proving his leadership skills by being decisive and not allowing what happened with Bob to cloud his judgement. We then see Gareth’s group arriving at the church after seeing Rick and part of his group leaving. Believing he (Gareth) has the upper hand, he tries to goad the remaining members of Team Rick into revealing themselves. Just as members of Gareth’s group are about to force entry into the room where our survivors are hiding, they are shot in the back and Rick & Co. ambush them. We get one last plea from Gareth which falls on deaf ears, as Rick fulfills his promise and hacks him to dead with the red-handed machete. Michone and Sasha help to butcher the rest, and Michone is reunited with her katana once more! Hallelujah! This scene was so satisfying, not for the gore and savagery, but for the progression we see in our leader. Rick has no qualms about brutally murdering a living person, but has a resolve to do what needs to be done for the betterment and survival of those he cares about. This also continues the hunter/cattle theme that we started with, allowing the viewer to question whether an event like this will lead to the descent of our group, or will they prevail and keep their moral compass intact?

The final scene is fraught with emotion as we say Good-Bye to Bob. He and Rick have a final tete-a-tete where he leaves Rick with a final piece of wisdom, “Even in light of current events, nightmares end. They shouldnt end who you are.”. Bob, that may be one dead man’s opinion, but I have to agree with you and I will definitely miss your optimism in the midst of the doom and gloom of this new zombie-ridden world. After another teary farewell from Sasha, we move outside to the departure of Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Tara, Glen, and Maggie who are headed out for DC. Abraham gives Rick a map of their route with a message of encouragement for him to follow as soon as they can. We then end the episode with Michonne outside, and after hearing noises of someone approaching the church, finds Daryl coming out of the woods. She asks, “Where’s Carol?”, to which he responds, “Come on out.” to person(s) unknown.

Final thoughts: This episode was really enjoyable for me. It satisfied all of my comic reader expectations for ‘The Hunters’ storyline, and delivered some great character moments (especially with Sasha). I really hope the pacing continues as it has thus far, because if it does this may end up being my favorite season yet! What did you guys think of the episode? Who do you think is going to come out of the woods with Daryl? Were you happy to see Gareth die? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments and, as always, don’t forget to read Todd’s dissenting opinion review on this episode.

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