A Marvelous Timeline

A Marvelous Timeline

Hello Internet, Awesome here. You don’t know this yet, but I just hit you with an awesome pun right in the title.  You’re welcome.   We here at “The Weird Robot” are, for the most part, huge comic book fans.  There are some exceptions to this rule (like me).  I wasn’t a kid that enjoyed this whole “reading” fad
that was going around in the 90′s, and because comics were half reading… I was out.  Thankfully cartoons kept me up to date on the important stuff.  TMNT,He-man, Transformers, X-Men, and Batman (just to name a few), were my friends on saturday mornings.  But there was plenty I missed out on because my childhood brain couldn’t comprehend these things you are reading right now (words).

Damn you Clifford!!!

Damn you Clifford!!!

Since I missed out on what would become Hollywood’s block buster source material.  I am sometimes losted when it comes to certain scenes in these big budget, comic book movies.  Thankfully, some kind soul, created a timeline of every event that has happened in every marvel movie…To date.   The Marvel Movie Timeline (Do you get the pun now?) starts off with the “Dark Elves Attack” in 2987 BC, and goes through this years release of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”.  So yeah… thats like 4,000 years of made up (debatable) history.  This wonderful person catalogued it, put it in order, and gives a short synopsis of every important event in the Marvel Verse.  Never again will I have to ask Tyler how Bucky became the Winter Soldier (shit… Spoiler Alert.  Sorry).  I can just pretend like I knew it all along and then rush home, check the timeline, and relax.  Because no one knows that I had no idea that Bucky was brainwashed and turned into a soviet super assassin.

A sexy Soviet super assassin

A sexy Soviet super assassin

You’ve really got to check it out to believe it. Click here to check it out   AWESOME OUT!!!

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