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REVIEW: The Martian

REVIEW: The MartianIt’s been almost two months since I reviewed a movie (Yes, Fantastic Four was so bad it made me give up on my passion momentarily). With the veritable smorgasbord of talent on this film though, I got my mojo back. Based on the novel by Andy Weir (Which rose to prominence after he self-published it),... Read More »

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There was something extremely odd about the marketing campaign for Don Jon, or perhaps the movie itself. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (or JGL as everyone calls him, because we’re lazy in America) decided to cash in his brownie points with the ladies by writing, directing and starring in a seemingly random dramedy about a womanizing Jersey guido obsessed with... Read More »

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Episode 31: Spoileriffic Bioshock Infinite Mini-sode

In this episode we get down and dirty with Bioshock Infinite! This is a spoiler heavy episode so I recommend waiting until you cialis vs viagra / viagra for women / / levitra reviews / cialis generic beat the game to listen. Let us know what you thought about Bioshock... Read More »

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REVIEW: Fantastic Four

REVIEW: Fantastic FourBeing a movie reviewer is a solemn responsibility. At the best of times, you go in wide eyed hoping to see a cinematic masterpiece so you can discuss it with everyone. Then there are times when you give something a shot in the hopes that you can find the diamond in the rough and encourage... Read More »

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REVIEW: M:I-5 Rogue Nation

REVIEW: M:I-5 Rogue NationThe gang’s all back together for the latest installment of the Mission:Impossible series (And what could be the last with Cruise starring). This time, Tom Cruise’s boy Christopher McQuarrie (Jack Reacher, Edge Of Tomorrow) was brought in to write and helm (After doing hardly anything since The Usual Suspects and The Way Of The Gun,... Read More »

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REVIEW: Pixels

REVIEW: PixelsWhen I was a lad, the term “Adam Sandler movie” was a good thing. As I graduated out of high school though, I also began to wonder if I was graduating out of Adam Sandler movies. They just didn’t have the zing they used to. Then there was Punch Drunk Love, the only movie I’ve... Read More »

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REVIEW: Ant-ManFirst off, I’d like to open by saying I don’t really care about Ant-Man. Even Ant-Man doesn’t seem to care about Ant-Man (Over the years he also fought crime as Goliath, Giant-Man, and Yellowjacket). The most interesting thing about him to me is that he beats his wife. Besides being a founding Avenger and creating... Read More »

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Terminator: A Timeline

Terminator: A TimelineIn my research for my Terminator Genisys review, things got so convoluted with the timeline I had to write it down to keep track of it. I figured I would share it to see if anyone can help me make sense of it. This is assuming the stance on these films is that the future... Read More »

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REVIEW: Terminator Genisys

REVIEW: Terminator GenisysTerminator is arguably one of the best known and highest grossing franchises ever. It spans thirty years and over a billion dollars. Half of that has been in a tail spin though. Since James Cameron stopped being involved (T3), the last two films have made less money and been much more poorly received critically. And... Read More »



REVIEW: Ted 2In the sequel to 2012’s smash hit Ted, can Seth MacFarlane make up for the lackluster success of A Million Ways To Die In The West (Although I thought it was OK and it did make a little money)? Originally, Ted 2 was going to be a Smokey And The Bandit homage about John and... Read More »

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